Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"My Only Salvation"

You are my only path to salvation.
With you alone does true life begin.
From inside your grace is daily produced,
A heavenly hymn that lives within.

I will drink the water from your well,
That  will always make me  so complete.
So of  another I will never have a need ,
For in you alone Lord, I truly believe.

For you created my humble beginnings,
And all I have truly comes from you.
When I try to resolve things in my life alone,
Without your help they never come true.

So with joy in my heart I reach out to you,
Hoping for the touch of your sweet embrace.
For I am thirsty for your living water alone,
To daily fill my spirits once empty place.

From "By Your Word"
Copyright, April 2011,
All Rights Reserved.