Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Born Again"

The heart of man is always before me,
as he casually makes choices.
I see their endings from their
beginnings, as there is nothing that
is not uncovered by My sight

For I see deep into the soul of
men and women. I know their
thoughts and what they crave to
do in the world. I know that many
have fallen short even as they
confess my name.

In their minds they try to come
to grips with the world that they
see, giving into the many man made
gods of this world, always with
a hunger for more power, more wealth.

They cannot see beyond the veil
that I have built to stand a lifetime.
For to know me they must first believe
that I am their only hope for eternity.
And yet great is the number that have
fallen short, for they seek love, but 

the worlds love is short lived, while
the way to my love is endless and
unbounded for many cannot accept
He who is a stumbling block before
them, the son of man, the only way
to eternal life.

Blessed is he who hears my calling
and turns his heart to me, obeying
My word. For obeying is better
than sacrifice, and believing
In the one true living God is
counted to one as righteousness.

Blessed are they who hunger
after the bread and water that
I alone will give. For they shall never
hunger and thirst again. And though
they cannot see My face, I shall
know them, and I will remember
them when their time has come to
enter into the second life, when
they will truly be born again.

From "Morning Prayers"
Copyright and Registered,
April 2011.  All Rights Reserved.