Sunday, January 8, 2012

"A Prayer Of Faith

In the times of drought sustain me
In times of little faith take my hand
When it seems that I cannot go on
Give me a shelter in which to stand

When my eyes become so dreary
And it feels my heart will break
When my world seems to fall apart
Take me to that most holy place

Why have so many Lord forgotten
Where their breath of life comes from
Whose hands alone have the power
And whose days are never done

They embrace so many things in life
That they choose to worship every day
Chasing after them with open arms
Never calling upon the One who saves

They only believe in what can be seen
In created things that will surely fade
But soon will so many unhappily find
An unexpected ending to their days

Never realizing who did exist close by
A open door Who will provide true life
If they could take off the blinders
That did daily imprison their eyes

If only they took a moment in their day
To ponder what His living word does say
Then maybe their life would blossom
As their hearts move toward the only way

For there is freedom from all that is lifeless
Those things that their eyes embrace and see
If only they reach out for His salvation
Then from their sins they will be set free

From "A Prayer of Faith"
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved