Monday, January 23, 2012

"The Power of A Smile"

Who could withstand  the
power of your smile, and
once in the hearing of your
laughter, could turn away
from you not wanting to stay

For to share a precious moment
of your time is more than  a
valued treasure, it is a priceless
pearl  that burns a hole deep
in the soul of one who shares
its love in return…

I shudder as I try to speak,
for I stumble over the
words that escape from my
mouth, and I find many moments
Where my chances escape to
tell you what I feel…

For the power of your smile
melts me down, and I become
worried because I long to
know, if when you look  at
me when I smile do you feel
That same power…too.

From "The Feelings Deep Inside",
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.