Friday, January 6, 2012

"Come My Way"

My heart did hunger
for You tonight, in the
deep darkness of my
lonely room

For I felt the pains of
loneliness, that most
times accompanies
a quiet gloom

I felt the harsh pains of
separation, as I did
not have that of which I
daily need

So I called out to You with
much fervent prayer, to bring
Your special love I need to me

But no answer found its way
to my hearts door, and what
was now locked so securely

Would never be found
to begin to change, the
complexion of my coming

For maybe I committed
a dreadful sin, or was it
something I forgot
to do or say

I only know that
tonight I am unhappy,
because You are far
away from where I

Remember me this night
my love, and not
hesitate to send me a
sweet taste

Of the heaven that lives
within your well of
love, as I promise not
a drop will I surely waste

For the peace that lives
deep inside of my heart,
I want with me to always

As I pray that when my new
day awakens, that you will
quickly come again my way.

By The Brown One Poet,
From "Continuous Praise,
Copyright 2010, All Rights