Sunday, January 1, 2012

Discerning His Word

As I open Your word each morning to pray
I search with a hope to find within the way
To the door that will open my mind to see
Helping me to discern the Word that will set me free

For every thing that I learn is always a delight
That helps to keep my feet on a path so right
So that I may be a true help to those in need
Allowing them to open their eyes to see

For once saved, life becomes a joy to share
With the many that come into our world each day
The grace that our Lord placed within to bear
Hoping that some by our encounter may now be saved

For are we not the example if from your words we do learn
What Your wisdom and understanding might help to be
If we embrace their sweet treasure and then in turn
Help others to embrace Your eternal seed

And as we proceed we also come to know
Inexplicably, that deeper in His love we will grow
For when in another we have planted His seed
Our precious lord with His love does water me

And all of this comes if we will only partake
Of the reading of His word never wanting to forsake
For as our wonderful day does come to an end
We become drawn to His tender sweet word again.

And as we pray we find what we truly discerned
When we embraced the truth that of this day we learned
Finding now as we lay down to sweetly sleep
The Lord embraces us with His peace we can keep.

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.