Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Every Day"

Every Day

Lord, You have caused
me to cry this day, when
I thought of how often
You must think of me...

For often days go by where
You are not on my mind, while
selfishly I think of myself
more, and this has caused
deep sadness within my heart

I long for the day to come,
where I will breathe and think
of You with every conscious
thought, though it may seem
an impossible task...

If I can increase the time
that I think of You more than
I think of myself, You will be
with me in my mind more often
than before, renewing my spirit...

And it seems such a little thing
to ask of me, to turn my heart
away from its selfishness especially
since You think of me every day.

From "Never Far",
Copyright and Registered,
July 2010.