Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Shall Wait On You

I shall wait for You,
Any where of your

For indeed You are
Are worth waiting
The thought of Your
Coming fills my heart
With a splendid joy
And my heart happily
Beams forth, because
I know You will come
In a time unknown to
Us, yes a time that
You Father alone has
I know that You are kind
And merciful Lord, One
Who will never leave or
Forsake me
That You Lord, will care
For me, leading me into
A much more abundant
And my heart lives to
See Your coming.
I desire to see Your face,
Your smile, for I know
That one day it will come
To pass

And I my Lord will surely
Wait with a great eagerness
Of heart…

Because of your gentleness

I know and dream of the 
Peace that you one day
Will bring to those who
Wait together for your

For I know it will be so
Much more than any
Earthly mind could ever
Dream of being possible
And I will wait on You
Lord Jesus, to lead me
Into Your eternal heaven
Where Your reign will be
Forever, and forever.
Wendell A. Brown,