Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eager Expectation

As we sit down each day to write
Creation does take delight
Because from its very beginning
It has eagerly awaited  those
Who were predestined to bring
The light of the creator back
Into a world darkened by sin and

For those who have risen through
the death of Christ,  why they
yet live in the flesh in  this putrid world, have
become empowered in their inner person
by the Holy Spirit to be the blessed
carriers of the eternal message
of  His loving grace.

For those who have put self
To death  in Christ, now are reborn
to serve  through the risen Spirit
of  our Lord,  are no longer slaves
to sin but joint heirs to the
kingdom yet unseen,  that
they patiently await with a  fervent
and passionate hope.

So let the words of their new message
flow from  deep within, while their
new inner person delights
In every message  that comes
From the Holy spirit that now inhabits
their  hearts , for if they
Indeed are alive in the Spirit,
will not the words that flow from
The Holy Spirits  power move many
To be saved?

Never tire of  doing the good
that you now do, but stand strong
for only a few are chosen for
this  challenging but enjoyable

For it will be remembered,
as those who serve  shall
live forever with Him
In His kingdom!   For though
your  flesh has died to sin, your inner
person, that is your spirit is alive
with Christ serving him daily
with all your heart.

For there Is only one way to see God
and that is through the new
creation of the inner person
within.   If Christ is in you,
your body Is now dead
because of sin, but  your new
inner person,  your spirit
Is alive now because of  God’s
blessed  righteousness and grace.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2011