Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deep Longing

As the grass each day needs the fallen rain
I need you my Lord in my life so much more
And as the clouds need to embrace the sky above
I need to hold you so much more I am sure

So what might a bee be without sweet honey
Or a tree so barren without any leaves
Or an ocean without blue splashing waves
Without you I am a struggling ship lost at sea

For what would paradise be without heaven
Or life in this world without our God
For those things would all be meaningless
Without the miraculous touch of his love

For I would be like a flower not tasting rain
Or the midnight sky without a stars shining light
For without Your warm tender love beside me
Living my life could never again be right\

For as  the grass each day needs the fallen rain
And as the sky needs the clouds to embrace
I will always have a lasting  need in my life
Every day to  receive the smile from your face

Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted  May 2012