Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Accomplished By Your Love"

I have felt the tender bliss of your love
As your eyes have always been upon me
Sometimes I turned to lust after earthly things
But from your sight I could never flee

When I realized the evil I done before you
I yielded my heart and spirit in faith
For my tongue did cry out to you alone
Asking you to forgive my fallen state

And the many times in life I had fallen
Doing what was wrong before your eyes
You Lord, gracefully lifted me up
From the bed of sin in which I would lie

I am surely blessed that you have always loved me
For many times you could have turned your face away
I am blessed to be the recipient of a consistent love
Who no matter what happens, never turns away

But as you have spoken in your written word
When you said “Esau I hated, but Jacob I loved”
My heart humbly bows down before your face
Knowing it was all accomplished by your love.

From "My One True Love"
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved