Monday, February 6, 2012

"The Beauty Of A Smile"

A smile has so much
beauty my love, when
it adorns your face,

with the glow that is
found to be sister,
to the suns soft
radiant rays.

For such joy is found
to be within, this
smile that I daily see,

For what really makes it
so special, is that you
smile that smile for me.

And only the very best
ingredients, will make the
smile to shine so bright,

As what is found bright
within your tender smile,
could even light the
darkest sky at night.

For a smile has so
much beauty for the
naked eye to see,

If the smile belongs
to my one true love,
who smiles her smile
for me.


From "Making Me A Willing Slave"
Copyright and Registered 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

© 2010, All Rights Reserved