Friday, February 24, 2012

The First Time (I Did Speak Your Name)

The First Time ( I Did Speak Your Name)

Early morning finds me
lying awake within my bed,
thinking of all the moments
what I did think, or what I
didn’t think I said.

On how my life changed
so tremendously, how it
never again would be the same,
from the very first time I saw
your brown eyes, from the
first time I ever said your name.

Your name has become
a source of strength to me,
lifting me up on high each
day, even now when your name
falls from my lips, I will still
never be the same.

And what I want to express to you
is that I really love you so,
and there is never found
a moment that passes, where I
would no longer want it so.

For to speak your name from
within my heart, while framing
it in words of praise, it's easy
to really understand the love I now
feel, still comes from the first time
my heart ever spoke your name.

The Brown One Poet,
Copyright 2010,
All Rights Reserved.