Sunday, February 19, 2012

"In The New Beginning"

I have sought you fiercely with
The fury of  thundering raging storms
I have sought you often so desperately
As a beggar roams the city seeking food

I have sought you in a material world
Where sin abounds so greatly
I have sought you as a lost child
Crying for his mother’s embrace

For I have great need of your strength
That only you can adorn me with
I have great need of  your great love
That only you can fill within my heart

Let me taste of the final reality Lord
That my heart may find its final comfort
Knowing that whether alive or dead
I shall always be with you…

Smile upon me Lord and listen to my words
For even though they are only my thoughts
They are true jewels to adorn your garden
Which is In heaven above

And with every hungry moment of time
I seek you to eat my fill of your Word
That forever will become my crown
And your love my reward in the new beginning.

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.