Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Life's Light"

We leave the light of life in the beginning
We leave the joy that places a smile within
He is with us as we come stepping
Through the darkness into a world of sin

We begin innocently loving all around us
But soon the world grabs us from all sides
When we begin to learn and feel life
All of our senses become so alive

And in our mind we hear two voices
Two essences seeking our hearts to sway
One who will lead our hearts back to the light
Another to many dark and foreboding days

We experience daily an abundance of  things
And from each we must choose a way
For with each a path will lie ahead of us
Where some are found or lost along the way

We find each day we are tempted
With so many worldly and material things
Causing our minds to become so twisted
By the unholy wares of this worlds sin

We find the evil that dwells among us
Is seeking daily many of us to slay
Especially If we choose the wrong path
Allowing our feet from God’s light to stray

For there is a promise that is sure
If we  choose to follow the enemies ways
That we will surely die within our sins
An exact penalty if we turn away

For this was promised us if we strayed
When Adam and Eve's lives first began
Those fatal moments when they were tempted
To move from the light as they began to sin

We have a choice to make this day in our lives
Choosing between the  two voices we daily hear
We must be extremely cautious and  careful
To listen hard with our heart and both our ears

We must be very attentive with what we desire
Being careful with what our hearts may seek
Knowing that once our words escape our lips 
They will no longer be ours alone to keep 

For our spoken words have certain powers 
Like the one who is sentenced to die
For with our words we can lead another to life
Or cause many to lose hope and  faith  inside 

If we want to really live our lives fully
Reaching the true potential of our dreams
Then we must learn to humble ourselves
Letting self die before our eternal  King

Surrendering self In all we do and say
before the sight of our living God
Rising as a new creation of His grace
Becoming full of His all empowering love

Pray hard your feet will never stumble
Over the rock that will cause many to fall,
As we daily keep our ears and hearts so open
Listening day and night for His sweet call 

For His spirit is the only life saving power
That can lead one’s heart into His way 
Guiding new believers spirits into His truth
Enriching Everything that they hear and say

For once you allow sinful self  to die
In Christ Jesus  your spirit will surely rise
His love will lift you up to stand on your feet
As His living word will open your heart and eyes

He will light your daily path before you 
Helping you if you even stumble or fall
Never leaving your Spirit alone or lonely
And for you He will always be on call 

And when we find the darkness of night to come
As you hear that soft  sweet tender voice  
When  you close your eyes to go to sleep 
You’ll rest easy knowing you made the right choice

For you will hold His treasure so tightly
In your heart never letting it to escape
Finding there will never come a time again
Where you will not feel His beginning embrace

The one that you felt when your life began
The one that for a while you did not choose
But never did He ever leave your side
Because His sheep, He chooses not to lose. 

© 11/04/2010                         Wendell A.  Brown