Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Happy Valentines Day"

As beautiful as you are
you make the sun cry
when he slips away at sunset,
because he does not want
to share your beauty with
the moon and the stars.

You make the night a joy for me
when you kiss my lips and I
fall fast asleep dreaming…
of your beauty,  your kiss, and
your smile,  and I sleep so

When I rise in the morning
I find the essence of your kiss
is still upon my lips,  and I feel
the fire of your love’s desire,
and of the flames that always burn
within you heart.

And you are so wonderful
to be near,  very tantalizing
to touch,  and so  amazing
to know…

For you still take my breath away.

The Brown One Poet
Copyright and registered 2011,
All rights reserved.