Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Inside An Outward Change"

Inside there is another world
One which most cannot see
Where a fierce battle has been won
And one who once was a slave
Has now been set free.

The fallen  chains were visible to
Most who live, for visually
They could see all the outward
Signs, even though they had
Never taken the time
To view their own world
That lived inside themselves.

For many are so very handicapped,
Far from the perfect state
Which is theirs to own.
For unless they have grabbed
Hold of the message their
Inner being continues, running on empty
And in their lives they are ever alone.

For we are more than outward
Flesh and bone,  with features
That other eyes can see,  we are
More than descriptive traits that causes
Hate from those who claim to  believe.

But nothing is hidden from
The all seeing eyes of
The only true living God,
For He has seen everything
That we have done taking
Note for that special time.

But within the beating heart
Of the surrendered soul
An Oasis has began to
Grow,  being watered daily
By a living word showing
Outward change so others know.

That there was something
Special that happened, and
Something beautiful had made
Great change, and if they but
take the time to listen,  they too
would embrace the grace and
power that is only found in
His name.

Copyright 2011

                                                                                     Wendell  A. Brown