Thursday, October 23, 2014

Welcome Praise

Why do the days all seem  the same
When the morning sunlight comes
Why do I awaken with a dreadful fear
The same result will be its outcome

Should I want my life to be different
If myself  I do not really change
How can I make things better  alone
Suffering the same heartache and pain

For we search for what we hope for
But always looking  the opposite way
We each day repeat  all our follies
And it seems our sin always stays

Take a tiny moment to think about
What it is that will make you new
Falling to your knees praying soulfully
God above will have mercy on you

Alone we cannot perfect change in our lives
That will be long lasting for endless days
Unless self dies and we daily confess our sins
Praying to the Living God that we'll be saved

If you long to awaken with a smile on your face
Let  your heart begin each day with praise
By reaching out taking hold of  His embrace of life
And He will make your dreams a reality today.
August 1976