Thursday, October 9, 2014

To Love You Deep And True

The loveliness of all the seasons,
cannot begin to compare to thee.
Not the sweetness of the summer,
nor the gentleness of the spring.

For behind your beauty is a reason,
much more than eyes can perceive.
For its more than autumns beauty,
and  cold winters ecstasies.

Its like a intertwining fabric,
woven by angels up above.
It’s a richness of bliss and magic,
that spews much deeper than ones love.

It’s the ultimate union so intimate,
that two as one may find to be.
As they taste the kiss of tranquility,
and the brunt of Cupids sting.

For the loveliness of all the seasons,
cannot ever compare to thee.
And its easy to see why I have fallen,
like a leaf floating down from a tree.

And like the sun giving way to night,
my heart easily gives  way to you.
As I now ask for  just one chance,
to love you my dear, so deep and true.

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