Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Tree

I often wonder if you really feel,
The warmth of my love inside.
If you feel that you are a true joy,
And a necessity daily to my life.
For I long for you to feel special,
And also know that I need you so.
I want you to feel that special love,
That only the best of friends do know.
For within I share a sweet passion,
That only you did place inside.
Never asking for anything in return,
Only wanting me to stay by your side.
For you have never turned away,
No, not from me a single day.
Always embracing me with your friendship,
As I did  lounge lovingly in your shade.
And I thank my God, above each day,
For the times we are allowed to meet.
As your friendship is a valued treasure,
That in my heart I will always keep.
Wendell A. Brown  copyright  April 2010
From  "I Want And Need You Now".