Friday, February 8, 2013

His Living Word

His words were very soft spoken
As they fell down gently from his lips
Their beginnings were full of so much life
Yet to some who heard the moment was missed

For the treasure that most people desire
Would surely this day just fade away
Because they could not  understand what they heard
So the roots of his word in their hearts did not stay

And yet again he would speak his living words
Each begging for a chance in a heart to live
Still no one took the time to listen and receive
The life in his words which he had to give

And he shed a tear for all of the mothers
For the fathers and all children too,
Because he could see their life’s outcome
If today his words could not get through

And as the massive crowd  sat down all around him
Hungry waiting for something very  tasty  to eat
He astounded all, giving them  his words of life
Which in their hearts they could  always keep

And many this time would  openly  receive
That  which  their hearts could  really hear
For the substance in his words was eternal food
Moving many to shed heartfelt tears

For His  living word had touched them deeply
Freeing their minds and hearts from human fears
All because they took a chance on his living word
Which opened  hardened  hearts so they could hear

And many turned away from their sins that day
Accepting the word of Christ the eternal king
Filling their spirits with a tranquil piece of God
From which they will always have a song to sing.

Wendell A., Brown,
July 2010,