Monday, March 25, 2013

My Eternal Love And Peaceful Rest

They said all I had done was only make believe
That also said never had I risen  from the grave
They said all was made up and only a ruse
That it all was just lies and a charade

They said I was never really executed
Or never by their hands was I placed on trial
They said that all of it was just a lie and a hoax
A real piece of non fiction all the while

They wanted believers not to  believe
That I was the one prophesied to come
Who would bring a victory to this world
And over death to taste victory won

I was born of a virgin into this world
Sent down from the heavenly God above
I offered myself as a lamb of sacrifice by choice
Because those I created I did love

I walked this earth among many peoples
Carrying a message of truth  across the lands
And the Holy Spirit did speak of me
That eternal life would come through my hands

I spoke a living word that did heal
The sick and those who did live in pain
And as their spirits tasted of my bread
Their lives were never the same again

And  among ones who should have been holy
The Pharisees and Saducees alike
They spread the words of rumor and untruths
That all which  I did were only lies

They saw what they had built among men
Was doomed one day to surely fall
So to save their places and their riches
From their mouths they sent out a mighty call

For they approached the worldly king of  Israel
And also asked for help from the Romans too
To trial me and bring about my death
So that mankind would not know the truth

They were guided by the love of this worlds riches
Promised from  the evil one of this world who would be King
But they sided with one destined  to be the biggest loser
And who would one day taste of a hellish destiny

And when they put me on trial for all to see
They said all which I did and say was a lie
And  if they should put me to death real soon
With my death all the rumors would surely die

But as they hung me that afternoon on a tree
With two others next to me to share my fate
The clouds became dark and storms did rise
As they heard me ask my Father my soul to take

And some who believed among the unbelievers
Did take my body, laying it in a brand new tomb
And after three days and nights had come to past
The leaders found the rumors they heard were true

For though I had laid in the ground for three days
And my body should have begun to rot and stink
The guards at my tomb and the godless soon
Had many more things on their minds to think

For my body had risen as it was written
And from deaths power I took away it's sting
For I am alive now forever and ever endlessly
The risen one with eternal life in my hands to bring.

And now thousands are saved each and every day
Who now reach out calling upon my sweet name
And Satan has lost the battle ending his power
Being destined to suffer in hell's burning flames

For the truth now overcame all the rumors
While all their lies also found their death
For I am alive,  and  I welcome all believers
Into my eternal heavenly love and precious rest.

Wendell A. Brown
© 11/03/2010,
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