Friday, November 22, 2013

Ever Thankful

As this morning calls my eyes to open
Leaving me to feel your joyful presence
You lift my mind into very high places
As my heart was embraced by your love

It gave birth to a million radiant smiles
And just as many blushing childish grins
While the very first thing that came to mind
Was to thank you for letting me live again

And I could hear the soft gentle pattering
On my window as the rain began to fall
And even as its voice was speaking clearly
I could hear the blessing of your loves call

And as all living things began their dance
Joined together their voices rose up to pray
Happily thanking you Lord for another chance
To send out from their hearts sweet praise

I thank you Lord this morning for the reminder
Which always assures me your spirit will stay
No matter whether one is truly good or bad
You give to many of us another chance today

My heart joyfully embraces all of these thoughts
While causing a love song to rise within as I pray
And along with my spirit they give birth to a psalm
Thanking you Lord, for another very special day

To seek you again with open hearts and arms
Again feeling the spiritual hunger grow inside
As we bathe anew in your blessing of love
Realizing that last night we could have died

Wendell A. Brown,
November 22, 2013,
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