Monday, November 25, 2013

You Are The Only One I Need

Oh Lord my God, the beauty
of your word is the strength
of my spirit

Your golden word is the radiance
of my joyful heart

You have left me breathless,
sweeping my heart away,
whom shall I love in my life
but you...

 whom I shall embrace each day.

You alone have satisfied my thirst,
and by your hands my hunger is
always stilled...

I only stand because your power lifted me.

I bow down before you because
your grace has saved me, blessing
my life in an awesome way...

whom shall I honor this day?

Only you shall be honored with
my hearts praise, I shall declare
to all whom live in this world
the majesty and heavenly grace...

of the only one who can save.

You alone can renew life
and my very breath is yours
as my life belongs to you

and it is you alone I seek to serve.

If I turn away from you Lord,
I will surely suffer immensely,
and I would pass away...

because I need your spirit to live.

You are life to me, and
the touch of your spirit daily
fills me with your awesome kiss
of love

When it comes to your greatness
I am always moved to tears as my
heart and spirit are greatly humbled

I find that I cannot exist without
your great love, for throughout
the passing moments of my day

I am made to see Jesus, that you
are the only one I need.

Wendell A. Brown,
November 2013,
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